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Who We Are

International Food Associates (IFA) began in 2006 as a food brand importer, selling products from some of the best food companies from around the world to retailers in all channels. IFA was founded by Larry LaPare, Don Cook, Dale Lucas and Mike Wheeler who all brought extensive experience in the specialty foods industry. Over the years, IFA evolved into brand builders with a full-service menu of capabilities.

Mission & Vision

IFA excels in focused brand building in a vast and complex industry. Our expertise in specialty and confectionery food brand sales, marketing, importing, distribution and logistics are the building blocks to brand success. We enable established and start-up food brands to leverage our infrastructure and salesforce to effectively grow in the United States’ dynamic marketplace.

Our History


Former Liberty Richter executive, Larry LaPare, came out of retirement and asked Don Cook, Dale Lucas and Mike Wheeler to join him in a new venture.

The “First Four” (Larry LaPare, Don Cook, Dale Lucas and Mike Wheeler) each left behind lucrative positions in the Specialty Food industry at Liberty Richter to develop International Food Associates.

IFA operated out of a New Jersey apartment for about 6 months until the founders moved into an office space in Morristown, NJ.

The company began hiring, and it didn’t take long for IFA to become a player within the industry.

Our founding partner, Mr. Larry LaPare, was called home at the early age of 62. IFA honors the legacy Mr. Larry LaPare left behind to this day.  

Don Cook was quickly elected President of IFA and continued growing the business even though a valued partner was no longer among the team.  

Greg Figueroa, Specialty Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Melinda’s Habanero Sauce, soon joined the executive team as Chief Executive Officer.

Gary Ruchlin was hired as Chief Operating Officer where he and Greg Figueroa further developed IFA’s logistics and distribution services.

The executive team moved the company to an office space in Irving, Texas and opened our own warehouse.

IFA brought on Jordan Nix and Michelle Rykojc to quickly develop our in-house marketing agency that now offers social, digital and event marketing for IFA’s brands.

IFA is a continuously growing company with over 50 employees and brands from all over the world.