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Brand Details

Brand: Cadbury

Manufacturer Location: U.K..

Founded in: 1824




Executive Brand Manager: Megan Trice

Cadbury began when John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop in 1824 in Birmingham, England. His chocolate concoctions were popular and he decided to upgrade to a factory. By 1847, he was located next to an English shipping port and canal and began distributing his chocolate all over Britain. When he died and left the business to his sons, they lived frugally to invest as much money and time as possible into the survival of the company.

They introduced the Cocoa Essence with the help of an innovative Dutch cocoa press, which increased sales dramatically. They refined the Swiss and Dutch ideas of milky chocolate, calling it “Dairy Milk” and by the early 1920s, Cadbury had taken over the UK market. Now it stands as the #1 cookie in the U.K. and can be found in most American homes.

The Crème Eggs are a fan favorite in the Easter season, while the Milk Fingers and Dairy Milk Cookies are a perfect scrumptious snack to enjoy at any time. All of Cadbury’s delectable chocolate treats are made with the love and care that their founder took to ensure the quality of his products.

· Mini Fingers (2.1oz)

· Fingers, Milk (4.8oz)

· Milk Digestives (10.6oz)

· Crunchie Cookies (4.5oz)

· Dairy Milk Cookies (3.8oz)

· Crème Egg Cookies, 12pk or 24pk (4.9oz)

· Acme

· Albertson’s

· Decicco’s Market

· Fairway

· H-E-B

· Jewel

· Kings

· Meijer

· Safeway

· Woodman’s