Telephone: +0800 123 4567
+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: CHUM

Manufacturer Location: U.K.

Founded in: 2017



Executive Brand Manager: Megan Trice

Director of Social & Digital Marketing: Jordan Nix

Brand Marketing & Events: Michelle Rykojc

CHUM fruit bites are 100% natural snacks that were created by Benjamin Bartley to protect wildlife while offering a new “better for you” brand to consumers. In fact, 15% of CHUM’s profits go to to support their efforts.

These yummy treats are all fruit, with no added sugar, Non-GMO Certified, and free of pesky gluten. Greet the elephants with the lovely Peach flavor, or play with the panda bears when you eat the sweet Strawberry flavor! The bright packaging and single-serve options make CHUM a quick and happy snack.

It’s guilt-free unlike a lot of other brands, which overload with sugar and artificial colors. Wild animals don’t eat fake stuff, so why should you?

· Apple

· Berry

· Mango

· Peach

· Strawberry

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