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+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Curries by Nature

Manufacturer Location: U.S.A.

Founded in: 2014




Executive Brand Manager: Dale Lucas

Aiming to bring Indian cuisine to American pantries, Curries by Nature celebrates the expansion of culture around the globe with their USA-born ethnic sauces.   The authentic recipes and range of spices please a wide variety of households.  

Adventurous eaters enjoy the fully prepared, condensed sauce for its olive oil base, Non-GMO elements, and gluten free ingredients.   Monounsaturated fats in olive oil help lower total cholesterol levels, making Curries by Nature a healthy and guilt-free choice.  

The six different sauces enhance meat, poultry, and vegetables in their own unique ways.  

Each jar contains 8 delicious servings, which is 2 to 4 more than the average Indian sauce on the market.   

From the mild and creamy Korma Masala to the heated Vindaloo Masala, there’s a curry for everyone.  

  • Butter Masala (12oz)
  • Tikka Masala (12oz)
  • Vindaloo Masala (12oz)
  • Korma Masala (12oz)
  • Jalfrezi Masala (12oz)
  • Tadka Masala (12oz)
  • Central Market
  • Pick N Save
  • H.E.B.
  • Jungle Jim’s Farmer Market
  • Mariano’s Fresh Market
  • Meijer
  • Metro Market
  • Publix Supermarket
  • Reasor’s
  • Shaw’s
  • Super Saver
  • Tony’s Finer Foods
  • United
  • Whole Foods
  • Woodman’s