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+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Koops

Manufacturer Location: North America

Founded in: 1897



Mike Wheeler
Executive Brand Manager

Olds Products Company has produced the finest mustards for over 100 years. Their dedication to quality has made them the second-largest mustard manufacturer in North America for both branded and private label markets.

From traditional yellow mustard to spicier options, Koops’ has a mustard for every use. They also produce their mustard to order only, which ensures the freshest products possible and a client-based approach to growth.

With mustard seeds from Canada and North Dakota, and a mixture of fine spices from around the world, Koops’ mustard is the perfect blend of flavors and textures that will start a party in your mouth. Arizona Heat, a fan favorite, kicks the usual mustard flavor up a notch with a burst of intense seasonings.

Olds Products introduced tamper-evident mustard packaging, store brand horseradish mustard, and a hinged cap for yellow squeeze mustard that reduces waste. Their efficient development and warehousing systems are a signature benefit of buying Koops’ and help the consumer know that they’re buying a product made well.

· Dijon with White Wine (12oz)

· Dusseldorf (12oz)

· Horseradish (12oz)

· Spicy Brown (12oz)

· Arizona Heat (12oz)

· Stone Ground (12oz)

· Honey Mustard (12oz)

· Jalapeño (12oz)

· Honey Dijon (12oz)

· Original Yellow (12oz)

· Yellow Squeeze Bottle (18oz)

· Organic Dijon (12oz)

· Organic Stone Ground (12oz)

· Organic Spicy Brown (12oz)

· Organic Yellow (12oz)

· Brookshire Grocery

· Demoula’s Supermarket

· Dave’s

· Fairway

· Garden Fresh

· Gordy’s

· Honest Green

· Kowalski