Telephone: +0800 123 4567
+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Lucky Country

Manufacturer Location:  Australia



Executive Brand Manager: Megan Trice

Digital & Social Media: Jordan Nix

Founded in Texas in 2016 by Cappy McGarr, Caliente Foods’ spicy salsas pack a punch.  They’re gluten free, all natural, and they come with a hotness thermometer to gauge your enjoyment.  There’s the Medium Salsa for cautious tasters, Hot for the salsa experts, and Habanero Jelly for the truly devoted.

The creator, Forgetful Ned, may forget his origins occasionally, but he’ll never let these fiery concoctions escape his memory.   Beautiful Roma tomatoes and fresh jalapenos make F.N. Hot the best tasting salsa in the world.  And if that wasn’t enough, Ned donates 5% of sales to Special Operations Warrior Foundation, who provide college scholarships to the children of fallen Special Operations personnel.  

Combing Texas-style condiments with making the world a better place, these zesty salsas will have everyone jumping out of their chairs for more.  

  • Traditional Black (5oz) (10oz)
  • Fresh Strawberry (5oz) (10oz)
  • Granny Smith Green Apple (5oz) (10oz)
  • Berry Fusion (5oz) (10oz)