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+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Polenta Valsugana

Manufacturer Location: Italy




Dale Lucas
Executive Brand Manager

Jordan Nix
Dir. Social & Digital Marketing

Michelle Rykojc
Brand Marketing & Events

¡Ciao! This Italian brand of Polenta just arrived in the U.S. this year and introduced the #1 Italian brand of polenta into the fast and furious American fare.

Ready in 8 minutes, this combination of rice and whole-grain cereals make Polenta Valsugana a truly unique choice. Health conscious consumers enjoy the versatility of polenta and the plethora of possible recipes, along with the lack of GMOs, gluten, fat, and sodium.

Their strong social media outreach showcases the brand’s favorite recipes and concoctions. The Original Express polenta has a bright color and sharp taste, and the Whole Grain flavor is a great source of fiber for any diet. Soon, this healthy and colorful brand may become a staple in American homes.

· Original (13.2oz)

· Whole Grain (11.64oz)

· 5 Grain (12.34oz)

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