Telephone: +0800 123 4567
+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Taste of Asia

Manufacturer Location: Hong Kong

Founded in: 2009




Megan Trice
Executive Brand Manager

Bringing the health back into quick meals since 2009, Tastes of Asia is proud to sell many lines of quick meals, including noodle bowls, soup bowls, and konjac noodle dishes that are full of tangy essences.

They only make the premier quality food products to ship around the world and spread authentically Asian cuisine. Their noodles and sauces are a mixture of the highest grade wheat flour and superior spices that complement each other so well, they’ll transport you to Asia.

Products are all natural and contain zero artificial colors and preservatives, and now they’re non-GMO. Some of their products have received organic, halal, kosher, BRC, and gluten-free certifications as well.

Their noodle and soup bowls even come with spoons and bowls for the truly on-the-go consumer. Luckily, Tastes of Asia offers several different flavor combinations of each type of bowl to please every last taste bud.

  • Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Roasted Peanut Noodle Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Soy Ginger Noodle Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Spicy Szechwan Noodle Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Hot & Sour Soup Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Sesame Chicken Soup Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Miso Soup Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Udon Soup Bowl (8.5oz)
  • Udon Stir Fry (8.5oz)
  • Hokkien Stir Fry (10oz)
  • Lo Mein Stir Fry (10oz)
  • Acme
  • Central Market
  • Milam’s
  • Price Chopper
  • Save Mart
  • Shaws
  • Skogen Festival Foods
  • Woodman’s