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+0800 123 4567

Brand Details

Brand: Taylor & Colledge:

Manufacturer Location: Australia

Founded in: 1897




Megan Trice
Executive Brand Manager

Established in 1897, this Australian company has earned its reputation for one of the world’s finest vanilla producers. The unique export brand from Queen Fine Foods specializes in baking pastes, coming in a variety of mouth-watering essences. Although new to the U.S. through IFA, this brand is available in nine countries worldwide.

The patented “no-mess” tubes are user-friendly yet elegant. Taylor & Colledge is proud to sell gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher and completely organic and natural baking pastes. Vanilla is brought in Australia from a sustainable and fair trade network of farms in Madagascar and the Comoros Islands, and they have worked closely with the Comoros Program for over 15 years.

The aromatic scent of sweet vanilla has enhanced food all over the world a century now and the high concentration of vanilla is as strong as ever.

· Natural Vanilla Paste (4.94oz)

· Organic Vanilla Paste (1.7oz)

· Almond Extract Paste (1.4oz)

· Lemon Extract Paste (1.4oz)

· Peppermint Extract Paste (1.4oz)

· Coconut Extract Paste (1.4oz)

· Lavender Extract Paste (1.4oz)

· Acme

· Safeway

· Albertson’s

· Fairway

· Green Life Market

· Jewel

· Meijer

· Sahara Market

· Reasor’s

· Sendik’s

· Shaws

· Woodman’s